Wet Lamination Adhesive

Wet Lamination Adhesive

RELIABLE SUPERBOND ADHESIVES are specially formulated water based Tetra polymer emulsion extensively used for lamination of BOPP/Polyester/ PVC film to paper or board.

The following are advantages in using our Lamination adhesives:


* Uniform pick-up of adhesive on roller.

* Even distribution of adhesive on Film.

* No wrinkle, tunneling or star mark even after exposing the laminates to sun or after corrugation.

* Paper or Board laminated with RELIABLE SUPERBOND Lamination adhesives gives higher gloss.

* Excellent bonding with fiber tear even on printed surface.

* Less consumption of adhesive.

* Easy clean-up of machine and roller after use.

* Most competitive price.

* The material is also suitable for Mat Lamination, Maplitho Paper, Art Paper, Art Board.