Adhesive for Core/Tube/Pipe [High Compress Strength]

Adhesive for Core/Tube/Pipe `{`High Compress Strength`}`

Sodium silicate or Modified starch are hitherto used as adhesive for making Paper core. Both these adhesives are highly alkaline with very high pH which damage the paper and rollers of winders and also create hazardous working conditions for workman. It is also classified as highly pollutant and Disposal of the same is problem.
The biggest problem is that core prepared using these adhesives does not give high crushing strength or compressive strength to the core which is very much essential for the modern Paper machine. Paper reels gets damage while inserting chuck with high pressure to the end of the core resulting in rejection of Paper reel.


♦ Adhesive is Synthetic so no variation in quality.
♦ It is flowable white emulsion and ready to use.
♦ With near neutral pH so no damage to manpower or machine or roller or paper.
♦ Winder can run at high speed as adhesive is fast drying.
♦ Give an excellent crushing strength or compress strength to the Paper core. Crushing strength is almost SIX times more as compared to Sodium silicate adhesive and TWO times more as compared to Modified starch based adhesives.
♦ Gives very good bonding and compactness to the layers of pasted Paper strips.
♦ Less adhesive consumption.
♦ Core made using Synthetic adhesive 1401 is highly suitable to use on modern high speed machine. No damage to the core as it is of high crushing strength.
♦ No Pollution or disposal problems.
♦ Clean Environment to work with and dust free work place.
♦ No Health problem to workmen due to breathing of starch dust powder.


The crushing strength of the Paper cores using different adhesives are given below: Strength of compression measured in kL/m(kilo newton).

Sodium silicate : 1500
Modified starch : 3500 – 4500
Synthetic Adhesive 1401 : 8000 – 12000