Polymer Coating for Marble Packaging

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Marble slabs and thinner slabs are porous, fragile and tend to get damage during transportation and due to mishandling.
• Polish Surface of marble also get scratched
or damage.
• Marble slab have fissures which considerable decrease the strength of the slab.
• To avoid the above, Chopped Fiberglass matt’s is glued on the back side of the slab.
Presently, in marble polishing, 2-component polyester resins (UPR-GP grade) with hardener is used to fill and reinforce the strength of the slabs by gluing fiberglass matt’s on the back side of the slab.

A new family of water based and eco-friendly product is developed with optimum adhesion replacing 2-K Polyester resin,
• It is Single component, Water based Eco-friendly binder and does not contain any aromatic solvents.
• Fiber glass matt’s can easily be glued which will give good adhesion between mesh and slab.
• Reduces the risk of damage during cutting and installation.
• No fire or health hazard.
• Binder will not affect the shine or polish of the slab.
• It will also fill-up hair crakes, fissures.


This very durable and extremely elastic family of glues can also follow the different thermal expansion of the granite, leaving the treated product capable of sustaining a wide array of temperatures, making it suitable for inside and outside usage.
• They also provide a solution when there is a need to glue the slab to another material (aluminum honeycomb, glass or steel).
• Coated surface can either be oven dried or Sun dried.
• No special care is required while cleaning the machineries, equipments and handling equipments. It can be easily clean by applying water and brushing it off.