Natural Rubber Latex

Natural Rubber Latex & Cationic Natural Rubber Latex

Natural Rubber Latex with 60% Dry Rubber Content is generally used for Carpet or rugs back coating on machine. The Latex is milky white in colour and is able to take high filler load. It will also gives good adhesion of the piles to the primary backing or woven substrate and also gives weight and handle to the carpet or rug. Carpet back coated with the latex is pliable and remain tough on keeping it at standing position. Back coat will not crack in cold weather.

Ammonia smell free eco-friendly Natural Rubber Latex adhesive is used for manufacturing
♦ Shoe inner or inner sole lining for temporarily or permanent bonding before stitching.
♦ Leather boards,
♦ Leater Articles,
♦ Welt,
♦ Carpet.

We also manufacture cationic natural rubber latex which is used for micro surfacing and road repairs.