Water Proofing and Heat Sealability Latex of Paper – PALISADE

Water Proofing and Heat Sealability Latex for Paper

We manufacture Water based emulsion. This eco-friendly product, when applied on paper or any other substrate gives an excellent water barrier to the substrate on which it is coated and does not allow water to penetrate. PALISADE can be readily coated on suitable paper boards and other cellulosic substrates to make cup stock, pizza boxes, ice cream cups, and other allied products. It’s also used for metal wire bonding and other non woven applications.

  •  The paper coated with latex can be printed and is heat sealable.
  •   It is economical replacement of plastic bag.

PALISADE is a Polymer Emulsion, indigenously designed to impart the following;
* Barrier Coating
* Abrasion Resistance
* Water and Oil Resistance
* Heat Sealability
* Anti Blocking
* FDA approved ingredients
* Plastic Free
* Biodegradable

PALISADE is formulated with advanced polymerization techniques to form cross linked, tack free film with anti blocking characteristics.