Cationic Latex for Bitumen/Asphalt Emulsion for PMB

Cationic Latex for Bitumen/Asphalt Emulsion for PMB

Our Cationic latex addition is most energy and cost efficient option.

•  Powder Polymer is inconsistent and difficult to manage supply.
•  Our Cationic latex is readily available and is ammonia free.
• Experiments found that adding our Cationic Latex is inexpensive and efficient method for Modifying Asphalt/Bitumen Emulsion for Micro Surfacing or for Road repairs.
• Addition of our Cationic latex at asphalt plant is not only faster, but also eliminated thermal degradation problems.
•  Easy Compatability with asphalt/bitumen emulsion,
•  Better resiliens and strechability.

TYPICAL PROPERTIES of our cationic Latex

Appearance : Milky White latex
Total Solid Content (%) : 60.0
pH : 4 – 5
B/F Viscosity, 2/60 at 26±2 °C (cps) : 80
MST, sec : 1800


•Mixing in bitumen emulsion : Normally about 5 to 10% by wt. of our cationic latex is added into bitumen emulsion to confer better adhesion between the positively-charged bitumen particles and the negatively-charged stone/sand aggregates.
• Dilution of this latex, if needed, can be done simply by adding water to it. However, if its pH rises substantially, a small amount of 0.1% hydrochloric acid solution should also be added.