Pheromone lure Insect Traps

Pheromone lure Insect Traps

♦ Fruit fly (Bactocera Dorsails, Bactocera correcta, Bactocera Zonata etc.) is a destructive pest occurring in numerous economically important fruits crops including cucumber, watermelon, muskmelon, ridge gourd, bottle gourd, bitter gourd, pumpkin, Cocoa, mango, orange, guava, annona, sapota, papaya, olive, banana etc.

♦ Fruit growth impedes and dropdown occurs.

♦ Super Fly Trap Lure is brightly yellow coloured. It accommodates lure and attracted fruit-fly die inside the trap. It should be installed above crop height and lure can be replaced every 45 days.

♦ Usage : Cut open this pack and remove shrink film. Avoid touching the lure by bare hand. Hang this lure in scientifically designed catch trap. Replace the lure piece once in 45 days for effective control of fruit fly. After use dispose off the lure by burning or underground burying. Wash hand thoroughly after each time of changing of trap and lure.

♦ Caution : Keep out of reach of children before and after use. Store in cold and dry place.

♦ It’s a unique and eco-friendly product. Super Fly Trap Lure is a user-friendly product to use. Each Cartoon of Super Fly Trap Lure contains 50 tab along with trap and string.