Consultancy Services

Scope of Our Consultancy services Includes

♦ For Hot Melt Adhesives
♦ For Surgical Gloves
♦ For Thermo Setting Resins
♦ For Carboxylated Sbr Latex
♦ For Continuous Butyl Acetate Plant
♦ For Binders
♦ For Epoxy Base Formulations And Hardener
♦ For Water Based Adhesives And Emulsions

Consultancy Services

We are team of associates with actual work experience with many international companies for number of years. We are also Govt. approved consultant, approved by Consultancy Developement Centre, an Autonomous Institution promoted by Dept. of Science and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. We offer our experitse for the products on which we have actually worked on for number of years.

The Scope of our services are as under:

* To design machineries and Equipments.

* To Source the competent manufactuerer of Machineries and Equipments.

* Details of raw materials.

* To Source the competent suppliers of Raw materials.

* Formulation.

* Step by step process of manufacture.

* Trouble Shooting during Process.

* Quality Control and its equipments.

*Pilot scale batch training at customers site.

* Upgradation to commercial site.