Ammonia Free Natural Rubber Latex

Ammonia Smell Free Eco-friendly Natural Rubber Latex

Ammonia smell free eco-friendly Natural Rubber Latex adhesive is used for manufacturing
♦ Shoe inner or inner sole lining for temporarily or permanent bonding before stitching.
♦ Leather boards,
♦ Leater Articles,
♦ Welt,
♦ Carpet.

Our other products for Leather Industries :
· TA – 53
= This is a water based synthetic adhesive suitable for sandwich of leather to leather/fabric and it is a temporary bonding for stitching.

· Natural Rubber Latex
= This is used for shoe pasting, pasting two sheets of rubber sheet etc.,and it is fast drying in nature.
· Ammonia Free Relacryl RC-102
= This is an eco friendly synthetic adhesive suitable for leather to leather bonding with no smell of Ammonia.