About us

Welcome to Southern Enterprises

Southern Enterprises is one of the leading manufacturers of adhesives based on Synthetic, Rubber, Acrylic co- polymer etc., we are headquartered at Chennai, focusing on delivery of quality services to the world class industries. Our brand name of the parent product is “SUPER BOND”. We provide speciality chemicals for Paints, Leather, Paper, Textile and Other Industries.

We have our own marketing set up throughout southern India and also other places. We are the leading suppliers to Defense, ITC, and other leading public and private sectors and government units like ICF, BEML etc., We are pioneer in this field having more than 30 years of experience, having modernized research and development department with full of equipments and experienced personal.

Our adhesives are already using by furniture industries, paper bags and office stationary manufacturers, packaging industries, textile sizing and printing mills, tea packaging units, sticker manufactures, Envelop manufacturers, Insulation industries, screen printing units, bus body and coach building units, lamination and binding units, leather, rubber chappal industries, rexin working, match box industries, labeling on bottles and containers units etc.

Reputed Manufacturers since 1976 in Southern Part of India . . .